Stock Number: 9365

Description: Valeline glass frigger with horizontal ribbed bell and clear handle. English C1870 Click on image for more information.

Dimensions: 11" tall ' 28cm

Price Code: SOLD

Additional Information: Friggers were novelty items of glass made by the glassmakers of England C1850-1900. Frequently made in their own time to show off their skill or to experiment with a variety of shapes, colours and combinations and techniques. Many worked in small workshops at the end of their gardens and made amusing items to sell for extra pocket money. Decorative glass bells came into this category. They are a pleasing shape and make a lovely sight in a collection and they sold readily. They come in a wide range of colours and combination of colours, sizes from large to tiny and less commonly with interesting handles, sometimes surmounted with hands, birds and a variety of finials. Care must be taken as many are being reproduced on the continent and at first they can easily be mistaken. However to the experienced eye they are heavy, clumsy and poorly made with inferior soda glass. They often have spirals in the handles and generally seem to 'miss' the true bell shape.

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